Lisa Kudrow clarifies Jennifer Aniston’s claims about ‘Friends’ live audience

Lisa Kudrow clarifies Jennifer Aniston’s claims about ‘Friends’ live audience


Lisa Kudrow portrayed Phoebe Buffay while Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on ‘Friends’

Lisa Kudrow wants to set the record straight about a claim her Friends costar made about her.

After Jennifer Aniston recently mentioned that Kudrow “hated” when the Friends live audience laughed during filming, Kudrow set the record straight with Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Tuesday, July 9.

“No, that’s not exactly … no, no. It irritated me if they would laugh for too long,” Kudrow, 60, told the outlet.

Aniston, 55, originally made the comments during Variety’s Actors on Actors series with Quinta Brunson. Recalling her time on the iconic NBC sitcom, Aniston, who portrayed the character of Rachel Green, shared, “Lisa Kudrow, by the way, hated when the audience laughed… She’d be like, ‘I’m not done! It’s not that funny.'”

Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, clarified that while she occasionally found the prolonged laughter a bit annoying, she generally enjoyed the live audience.

“God bless them. They were so excited to be there that sometimes the laughter would just be longer than if they would have laughed at anything else,” she explained.

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