Prosecutors paint Alec Baldwin as reckless as ‘Rust’ trial opens

Prosecutors paint Alec Baldwin as reckless as ‘Rust’ trial opens


After 12 jurors and four alternates were chosen from among 70 prospective jurors on Tuesday, Santa Fe, N.M.-based lawyer John Day noted that the area’s demographics will be key to how jury members interpret the case.

“It’s going to be a clash of the gun culture here, where a lot of people were raised around guns and know gun safety and might be familiar with the concept that if you have a real gun, no matter who hands it to you, you’re responsible for what comes out of the other end of the barrel,” he said, “versus people who weren’t raised here or around hunting and guns, and therefore might be more amenable to the idea that a film set is not like real life, because, on a film set they’re telling you what to wear, they’re combing your hair, putting on your makeup, bringing you coffee and telling you where to stand. So, when somebody hands you a gun and says this is safe to use, why do you have any reason to doubt that?”

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