International Yoga Day 2024: Essential Exercises To Soothe Sore Muscles And Enhance Recovery

International Yoga Day 2024: Essential Exercises To Soothe Sore Muscles And Enhance Recovery


Muscle soreness usually occurs due to minor injury of the muscle and the surrounding connective tissue while exercising. It is normal and the muscle builds back in due course of time. However, we must know some of the helpful and major exercises shared by Dr Dipankar Sarkar, Consultant Internal Medicine & Critical Care, Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, Kolkata that increase the muscle’s tensile strength and prevent the development of muscle soreness.

1. Positive expiratory pressure exercise (PEP)– It is done with the help of a mask or a handheld device. The device enables air to flow freely while inhaling, but it is required to breathe harder by narrowing the mouth. It is the classical form of exercise that is done while blowing the conches.

2. Diaphragmatic exercise– During this exercise, the air, and abdomen should bulge out during inhaling, and while exhaling the abdomen should go inside.

The above two are vital exercises that are essential to keep the respiratory muscle in the correct state and function. 

Now, some of the most regular exercise that is recommended is brisk walking. Walking helps to activate the calf muscle. A morning walk is most beneficial since it is done after a long gap of sleep during the night. While in sleep the body is not using any muscle and the heart supports the body while in sleep. Thus, the first walk in the morning enables the calf muscle to take 30% of the workload of the heart.

Some pelvic floor exercises are important for gynecological patients. Post-child birth certain pelvic floor exercises are advised to tighten the muscles of the pelvis, to minimize post-birth problems.


It is advisable to consult with an expert for better clarity before performing any exercise. It is frequently seen that without consulting a nutritionist, intake of only protein and strenuous workouts to make the body slim are certainly not recommended as they may stress the kidneys or other organs of the body in the long run.


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