Ahmad Ali Butt is ‘sick of cricket’ | The Express Tribune

Ahmad Ali Butt is ‘sick of cricket’ | The Express Tribune


In a nail-biting conclusion, India emerged victorious in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, defending a tight 29 runs needed off the final 29 balls against South Africa. The turning point came when India dismissed Heinrich Klaasen, whose explosive 52 off 27 balls had been pivotal in South Africa’s chase, with solid support from David Miller.

While many are relishing the lingering adrenaline of the tournament, Ahmad Ali Butt cannot help but lament Pakistan’s elimination. Taking to Instagram Story, the veteran actor voiced his frustration with the Pakistan cricket team’s lacklustre performance in the tournament. Expressing his sentiments, Butt called for a revival of interest in other national sports such as hockey, squash, badminton, snooker, and boxing.

“Sick of cricket and our so-called cricketers! Overpaid sports politicians and fixers. Let’s revive our hockey, squash, badminton, snooker, boxing and other sports! And our brands should wake up also,” Butt wrote in his IG Story. He criticised the cricketers for their involvement in lobbying and grouping, which he believes leads to their underperformance and consequent fan disappointment.

Previously, Butt, known for his wit and humour, put his two cents on career women and housewives during a guest appearance on Masarrat Misbah’s show. Coming from a family of exceptionally accomplished women, including his grandmother the renowned Noor Jehan and his mother Zile Huma, both celebrated superstars, Butt shed light on the impact of these influential women on his upbringing.

He recounted growing up in a family where women outshone men both professionally and financially, stating, “There was no ‘scene’ for men in our family. I have always said this, I have been raised by very strong women. Even [our family’s] breadwinners, they made twice as much as men.”

“Still, the women in my family never demeaned men,” the Chikkar actor underlined the importance of maintaining respect. “The men were well aware of their own insecurities.” Addressing a recurring dynamic in relationships when a woman earns more, Butt emphasised that it is her responsibility to ensure her partner feels secure. He remarked, “It’s on the woman on how secure she can make him feel.”

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