US man receives lottery prize after more than decade

US man receives lottery prize after more than decade


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A man from Maryland, US collected a $26,748,60 prize from the state’s lottery’s Racetrax virtual horse racing game, more than a decade after  he scored $100,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

He told Maryland Lottery officials he kept playing lottery games after his $100,000 win more than 10 years ago, but he never expected to collect another big prize, reported UPI.

“I just assumed that I’d enjoyed my share of lottery luck — more than my share,” he said. “I still play because I enjoy it, and I still win sometimes.”

He also said that collecting several “regular-size” prizes over the years did not prepare him for the results of the $4.80 Superfecta Box wager, which he placed on the Racetrax game at Harford Mart in Baltimore.

Notably, the man’s virtual horses, 5-7-8-12, crossed the finish line together.

“When my horses came in, I just could not believe it,” he said. “I’ve been playing that combination for months now. Something about it just felt right.”

Moreover, when he saw the results, he said that he kept his cool.

“I didn’t break, though it was hard. It was just so exciting,” he said.

Additionally, the winner said his $26,748.60 prize will go toward paying bills.

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