U.S. Gymnastics Trials live updates: Frederick Richard, Brody Malone and others compete for spots in Paris

U.S. Gymnastics Trials live updates: Frederick Richard, Brody Malone and others compete for spots in Paris

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Frederick Richard is off to the races

Richard kicked off his afternoon on the parallel bars, where he scored a 14.800. He looks poised to repeat his stellar all-around performance on Thursday.

Rough start for Brody Malone

The reigning U.S. national all-around champion, Brody Malone, fell on his best event in the first rotation, the high bar.

His spot on the Paris team should be safe, but not the tone he wanted to set tonight.

Day 2 of men’s Olympic Trials has begun

Official routines have begun. Donnell Whittenburg put two difficult vaults to his feet after falling on Day 1.

Whittenburg, who is eyeing his first Olympic berth, has been a crowd favorite for three Olympic cycles now. He is the oldest competitor here at 29.

For men’s selection, it all comes down to math

Unlike the women’s gymnastics team, the men’s team competing in Paris will be determined almost exclusively by numbers.

Scores from four days of competitions – both days of U.S. Championships and both days of Olympic Trials – will factor into Olympic selection. The lowest score on each apparatus will be dropped for each athlete and the remaining scores averaged.

“It’s going to be a combination of the best scores on each apparatus,” High-performance director Brett McClure said Wednesday. “There’s going to be some strategy to discuss strengths and weaknesses and also what the rest of the world is doing.”

The athletes who produce the highest potential score in a Team Final format will likely become the Olympic team.

Frederick Richard leads men’s competition after Day 1

Olympic hopefuls enter the arena

The gymnasts in contention for the U.S. Olympic team are entering the Target Center to compete in the final day of men’s trials. Each gymnast is individually announced ahead of competition, which kicks off in about 20 minutes.

Frederick Richard is ready to show the world what he and men’s gymnastics are made of

Frederick “Flips” Richard has been captivating audiences on social media for years and has big plans for the sport’s future.

Now a rising junior at the University of Michigan, where he trains and competes, he’s on the precipice of fulfilling a dream shared by many young athletes.

“I want to enter the Olympics with the whole country knowing, like, that’s Frederick Richard, like this man is going to do it,” he said.

Read the full profile of Richard here.

Simone Biles leads Day 1 of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials as injuries rock Team USA

Simone Biles is four routines away from making her third Olympic team.

She led her Olympic and club teammate Jordan Chiles by 2.5 points after the first day of the women’s competition at the Olympic trials. Reigning Olympic all-around champion Suni Lee rounded out the top three.

The women’s gymnastics team competing in Paris will be named on Sunday, but the selection committee will have to go back to the drawing board after three front-runners were injured in the lead-up to Friday’s competition.

Read the full story here.

How do team scores work in gymnastics?

In the qualification round at the Olympics, four gymnasts from each five-member team compete on each apparatus, with the three highest scores counting toward the team total.

The top eight teams in qualifications advance to the finals, where three athletes from each team compete on each apparatus and all scores count.

Differences in competitions between men and women

The five-member men’s Olympic team will compete on six apparatuses in Paris, while the women will compete on four. The top all-around finisher in the women’s competition automatically makes the team, but the men will be required to finish first in the all-around and in the top three on at least three events.

No male gymnast did that at the U.S. Championships in Fort Worth, Texas, but Richard did Thursday. If he repeats that Saturday, he won’t need the selection committee to decide his fate.

The selection committee will consider the top team-scoring scenarios using both days of trials, as well as the U.S. Championships.

Men hope to return to the podium in Paris

The U.S. is eyeing its first Olympic medal in men’s gymnastics since 2008 this summer. By the end of today, a five-member team will be selected to go to Paris from one of the most talented pools of American gymnasts in years.

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