Watch: Chef’s Unconventional Chicken Shawarma Hummus Cake Divides The Internet

Watch: Chef’s Unconventional Chicken Shawarma Hummus Cake Divides The Internet

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A celebration without cake is simply not done. Right? The mere mention of cake conjures up images of cream frosting, moist sponge and sweet and sugary flavours. But what if we told you there’s a cake that introduces savoury flavours instead? Meet the chicken shawarma hummus cake, a creation that has sparked debate among food enthusiasts online. This unconventional dessert-slash-main-course has left many wondering: can a cake truly be savoury, and more importantly, can it be delicious? A chef, on Instagram, made this unique “cake” for his Middle Eastern friend’s birthday, and the internet is now divided.

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The chef started by preparing hummus with chickpeas, jalapeno, tahini and lemon juice, blending it until it was smooth and chunky. Next, he prepared ground chicken with shawarma seasoning until it was fully cooked. For the garlic sauce, or toum, he blended garlic with salt, grapeseed oil and lemon juice to create a thick paste. 

The layering process began with pita bread, followed by layers of toum, ground chicken, turnips and more, repeating the process six times. He then added hummus to the sides and top, smoothing it out like cake buttercream. Finally, he decorated the cake with more toum “icing”, olive oil, paprika and parsley, before slicing and serving it like a traditional cake.

“Who would’ve thought hummus would make a great cake? Chicken Shawarma Hummus Cake,” the caption of the video read. 

Watch the video here:

The chef claimed the combination of hummus, cake and chicken was “amazing”, but the Internet is still deciding whether this savoury cake is a hit or a miss.

A user said, “As the spokesman for Lebanon, I was asked to inform you that you are now officially classified as an enemy of the state.”

Another wrote, “As a Syrian, I truly support your innovative spirit and creativity but please don’t ever do it again.”

Some called it a “great idea.”

A person added, “As an Arab, I debunk the hate you’re receiving because you made something innovative and cute rather than that chocolate hummus garbage. Keep it up, it was good.”

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What do you think of this unconventional cake?

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